Who can participate and how can we join?

League rules mandate to be a member of Westledge SC a child or their grandparent(s) must reside in either Ledgewood or Westwood Farms subdivisions.  Exceptions can also be requested with the league for those whose primary summer caretaker reside in either of the two subdivisions.

I’m unsure if my child’s ready to join, how do I know?

Westledge SC is comprised of swimmers of all skill-sets.  This includes first time competitive swimmers who joined as teenagers!   Our team is not a learn to swim program and participants are expected to maintain some level of self sufficiency in the pool.  Safety is our primary concern, so we do offer an initial orientation day where new swimmers can meet with coaches in smaller groups to ensure they are ready.  Early season practices also begin at a basic level, in terms of difficulty, and escalate as the age groups progress throughout the season.

I’m concerned we are too busy to attend all the meets and practice, what to do?

It’s summer and we want this team to remain fun for children and parents alike.  It’s also unreasonable for us to expect perfect attendance at team events and functions, enjoy your summer and plans!  The health and skill related benefits of attending practices can’t be understated for the children so try your best to attend as much as possible.

Ledgewood and Westwood, what’s that about?

Westledge SC is comprised of two Subdivisions in Strongsville.  Our inaugural season as a combined team was in 2016.  As a combined entity we have better parity with other teams in the league and can offer more opportunities for our great swimmers.

Where are practices?

Since we are comprised of two subdivisions, we host two sets of practices, one at each subdivision’s pool.  This way practices are still an easy walk from home and less challenging to attend.  “Fun-Friday” practices are jointly held and alternate at a single pool.  This once a week combined practice allows for great team unity and offers opportunities for our relays to truly practice as a team.

Where are meets?

Fortunately all meets are held in Strongsville.  Travel times between all sites are in the minutes!  More info on where all the pools are can be found above in the Pool Locations menu.

Does my child need to wear a “speedo”?

The only league rule regarding suits restricts the use of Olympic grade suits, which you won’t find affordably anywhere around Cleveland anyway.   Boys typically wear what’s referred to as a jammer which is more of a short compared to the traditional short-cut speedo.  Regular swim shorts can be worn as well, but to the swimmer there will be a noticeable amount of drag resistance.

What is a team suit, and is it required?

The team suit is a somewhat official uniform suit for the team, but by no means is it required.   Suit manufacturers change their lineups yearly, so rarely do we have an opportunity to carry over similar designs from one season to another.  We only choose suits from credible manufactures, so it should last and still be affordable.  Annually about 50-60% of the swimmers purchase the team suit.

Where can I get the team suit and how do we size it?

We partner with the Strongsville Spirit Shop (440-570-3451), located within the Strongsville Recreation Center.  Just let them know you are with WestLedge and they should be able to assist from there.  They also assist with sizing and have sample suits to try on to ensure proper fit.  The shop typically is price competitive with the common online retailers.